Frequently asked questions

Will the tour be cancelled if it is raining?

No. The tour will go ahead no matter what the weather is doing. We advise to pack clothes for all weather conditions, including a rainjacket, warm layers, hat etc. The only reason why the tour will be cancelled is if there is a risk of a bushfire in that region. 

Do I need to bring my own food?

No food is provided for half day tours. You are required to bring any food you wish to have while on the walk.


If you are participating in the full day tour (Kinglake National Park tour) you will be provided with lunch. Please provide any specific dietary requirements you may have. You are still welcome to bring additional food for snacks on the full day tour.


No matter what tour you have selected, you will need to bring plenty of drinking water. At least two litres of drinking water for a half day tour.

Are there any toilets on the tour?

There are toilets at all of the locations we visit. However, these toilets are Australian bush 'drop' toilets. These toilets are maintained by Parks Victoria, however they are not toilets like you are used to with a flush etc. Your Hiking Habit tour guide carries spare toilet paper and hand sanitiser for your convenience.

How many people will be on the tour?

There will be a maximum of seven people on the tour: six guests and one Hiking Habit tour guide. 

How difficult are the walks?

All tours require a general level of fitness - each tour has some up hill and some down hill sections. Your Hiking Habit tour guide will be very happy to provide any assistance they can to make your tour as easy or difficult as you want, but most! If you have any specific questions or concerns about our tours, please feel free to get in touch via

Am I likely to see any Australian animals like kangaroos?

Yes. We regularly see iconic Australian animals on all of our tours. We see kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, lyrebirds, koalas and eagles. If seeing Australian animals are your top priority, then any of our half day tours are perfect for you. We can almost guarantee that you will see something of interest on any of our half day tours.

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