Full & Half-Day Tours in Kinglake National Park

Victoria boasts some of the lushest national parks in the country, and many of them are in close proximity to Melbourne. If you’re based in Melbourne – either as resident or as a tourist – then Kinglake National Park is a very achievable day trip. Located about an hour from the CBD, Kinglake is a very popular destination for locals and tourists. A lush area with rich native vegetation, it is home to an abundance of Australia wildlife. The guides at Hiking Habit love leading full and half-day tours in Kinglake National Park, and we know that our guests walk away feeling invigorated and in love with the area.

Discover the Beauty of Kinglake

The Kinglake National Park is often referred to as ‘paradise’ by the people who visit, and when you book your spot on a full or half-day tour you’ll understand why. This region was ravaged by bushfires just a few years ago, but life has returned with a passion – as evidenced by the staggery amount of greenery and wildlife you’re sure to encounter during your tour.

Its proximity to Melbourne makes it a must-do trip, but you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into another world – lush fern gullies, tall trees, and stunning vistas await you on the winding walking paths; not to mention the rushing waterfalls and bubbling streams dotted throughout. It’s the perfect location for a picnic with the family.

Book Your Spot in a Full or Half-Day Tour

Once you visit Kinglake National Park, you’ll remember it forever – and we’re sure you’ll be signing up for full or half-day hikes in the future! At Hiking Habit, we love guiding people through some of our most beautiful parks and walking trails. Contact us for more information about our tours, or book your spot in the next group!

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