Explore Werribee Gorge Park on a Day Tour

If you’re a visitor to Melbourne and are keen to explore the sights, or you’re a local seeking an escape from the city, a natural haven awaits you at Werribee Gorge Park. Located just one hour from the CBD, the park is home to some of the best hiking trails and walking paths in Victoria. A lush nature park that invites you to take frequent stops to admire the views, visitors of all fitness levels will find our full and half-day tours totally achievable.

At Hiking Habit, we love showing visitors around Werribee Gorge Park. Being in such close proximity to the city limits means that the park is an easy day trip for tourists and locals alike. Book your spot on our day tours today!

Offering Full and Half-Day Park Tours

No matter your fitness level, Werribee Gorge Park has something to offer you. On our full or half-day tours, you’ll be privy to a beautiful guided walk through the most scenic paths. Along the way are multiple lookout points, each grander than the last. A favourite for hikers from across Victoria, this park is renowned for its diverse vegetation, beautiful cliff faces, and of course, the gorge itself. Everybody who joins us for our full and half-day tours walk away feeling refreshed and serene – a typical by-product of spending hours immersed in Victoria’s stunning bushland.

Discover Werribee Gorge Park’s Natural Beauty

This is a must-do for visitors to Victoria; a place that has to be seen in person to fully appreciate. Take as many pictures as you’d like, but the true beauty of Werribee Gorge Park will live in your memories forever. At Hiking Habit, it’s our mission to showcase Victoria’s beautiful national parks and nature reserves. Contact us for more information about our full and half-day tours, or book your spot today!

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